The Wedding Fountain

Le Veque

Katharine “Kiki” Delgado Conrad needs to restore her house. In the wake of her husband’s death she is drawn to the elaborate fountain in the front yard of an older house in Pasadena, California and purchases the home with the intention to revitalize it and turn it into a wedding venue. However, the cost of restoring the house turns out to be much more than she hoped. When Trace Rocklin of Rocklin Construction arrives to present his father’s bid for the job he is immediately charmed by the woman he barely recognizes as his friend’s little sister. Determined to help, Trace finds himself losing his heart to the beautiful widow - unfortunately Trace has a past of his own as a CIA operative, and now it’s come back to haunt him. In the end, it will be either the house or Kiki, but if Trace gets his way, the “Eliminator” will get both.


A sweet, short, contemporary story, “The Wedding Fountain” is a stand-alone in the “Four Weddings and a Fiasco” series involving a widow and a spy that bond over an old house. While the story is somewhat predictable, tells instead of shows, and lacks significant steam, it is a tale of healing and hope for a better future with a smooth pace, a bit of danger, and plenty of drama. Fans of romance and weddings will get more than a few sighs out of this quick read and despair only that it isn’t longer.


Sarah E. Bradley