The Warm Up


Suji Meriwether is trying to get over a bad break up. Three months after she and her long-term boyfriend broke it off, she has tossed his stuff out and moved into a new apartment. Still, she can’t shake the dark cloud looming over her. That is, until she meets Constantine Zimin, a man that makes her go hot in all the right places. The only problem? Well, he’s not who she thinks he is.

Constantine Zimin has never allowed anything other than hockey and his family to occupy his mind. Coming off a championship season Zim has finally acquired enough money to start the nonprofit foundation he has always dreamed of. Things are going according to plan, until Suji Meriwether walks into the bar. She is the only woman that has ever made Zim weak in the knees, although he doesn’t exactly mind the feeling. With a crazy training schedule and Suji living in another state, do they even have a chance?

Short, simple and to the point are three ways to describe this romance. “The Warm Up” is an easily digested story the reader can get through in one day. Additionally, author Xio Axelrod knows how to write a hot-and-heavy scene that will leave readers  blushing. However, though the one intimate scene is good, the story lacks characterization and plot development. The author does more telling than showing and relies on “-ly” words instead of describing her characters’ feelings. There is no real conflict and the reader is left wanting more from a story that began with such potential.  A short, steamy read from a promising author.

Jacey Lee