Vocal Crush


SWEET ROMANCE:  Lexi Court has been running from a broken heart for the last seven years. After a career on Broadway she’s settled down as a high school drama teacher in Las Vegas, to be near her best friend Taffy, and help her produce a new TV vocal competition. But when a coach drops out at the last minute, Taffy begs her to take the last spot. As Lexi reluctantly collects promising contestants, the voice she ran from all those years ago auditions for the show and she comes face to face with Nick Rivers - her vocal crush and obvious pick for the competition. Unable to run, Lexi must decide if she can manage to remain coach and contestant or if she’ll allow Nick to fight for her heart as well as the competition.


Passion meets “The Voice” in this romantic tale of coach and contestant! Lexi is confident in everything except love. After Nick abandoned her she found herself unable to fall for a guy again. Now Nick wants a second chance and his methods will leave the reader swooning. Between the music and the drama surrounding the contestants as they fight to win the competition this story is better than the TV shows! The book gives more insight behind the scenes of the competition and makes the reader want to vote for more than one character. The only downside is Lexi’s extreme hesitancy to discuss the past, which leaves the reader out of the loop for a while. "Vocal Crush" is a great choice to top any to-read list!


Sarah E. Bradley