A Very Daring Christmas


Actress Cameron Kelly deceives baseball star Jake Ryder into going onsite to several poverty-stricken areas that will be aided by UNICAN, a charity for whom she is the spokeswoman. He is attracted to her and decides he wants to ask her out, but will stick to his three-date rule. After a disastrous night with Cameron, Jake vows to avoid her at any cost, and she feels the same way towards him. When they are both invited to the same house party it is hard to deny the attraction they feel for one another. Unfortunately, there is a lot of hurt along with that magnetism. Will these two lovers find a lasting happiness?

Cameron and Jake are deep characters with many layers to their personalities. The secondary characters aren’t as well developed, but they are needed to keep the storyline moving forward. There are also characters thrown in at the end that add nothing to the story, except to have more people coming to the house party. This is a very creative story with incredible plot twists that are very believable. This novel is beautifully written and sweeps the reader up into the story. There are quite a few secondary characters in the book, but Ms. Aares makes it easy to keep them straight so the reader can spend their time enjoying the story itself. "A Very Daring Christmas" is the eighth book in the  Tavonesi series, but works well as a stand-alone. Ms. Aares has created an extraordinary series that will delight readers young and old alike.

Belinda Wilson