The Valentine Suite


Alys Holland checks into the resort her eldest son and his fiancé have chosen for their wedding. Dismayed when a double booking error means she and her ex-husband, Fletcher will have to share the Valentine Suite, she is forced to relive the painful memories of their past. Still trying to come to grips with the tragic loss of two of their children and their subsequent divorce, they can't deny their attraction and love for each other is strong as ever. Though both tried to move on with other people, the roommate situation stirs up old passions they cannot ignore. Will Alys and Fletcher be able to help each other, their son, and other family members deal with the aftermath of Alys' abandonment and the lingering effects of their family's grief before the wedding or will the harrowing trip down memory lane be too much to overcome?

"The Valentine Suite" is an achingly beautiful and emotional glimpse of how grief can shatter souls and love can be a healing salvation. Readers will experience the full gamut of truly desperate and painful feelings while enjoying a tale of rekindling friendships and passions. The conversations and confrontations between the characters are real, raw, and revelatory. The dynamics of how one person's reaction to loss affects those around them are written with such heartfelt accuracy, readers will feel the devastation, guilt, and longing of each soul as if it were their own. Tracy Broemmer manages to pack the baggage tragedy causes and check in to the restorative powers of family and love with a therapeutic finesse that is breathtaking and poignant. Tissue, wine, and solace will be required!

Tonya Mathenia