Valentine Bride


Carson and Fynlee both uprooted their lives to take care of loved ones. Matilda, Fynlee's grandmother, raised her after the death of her parents, and Carson's Great-Aunt Ruth never had children but gave him a second home every summer he lived on the ranch. Matilda and Ruth, best friends for years, now live in the same retirement center because Ruth sold her ranch to Carson. A laid back, normal life is no longer in the cards for Carson and Fynlee—not with two scheming relatives, and a host of willing retirement home participants.


This sweet story is as much about loving your relatives despite their hijinks as it is about finding love. If awards were given for crazy ideas to push two people together, Matilda and Ruth would get 1st place. Carson and Fynlee are both well-written characters, each trying to do the best they can while maintaining a life, and a bit of sanity.  Fynlee is a long-suffering firecracker who seems staid only because of her grandmother's shenanigans. They make a great team, showing the various kinds of love in life, in all its multi-facets. Carson is a kind, strong man, but too much of a pushover with his long-time girlfriend, and it doesn't quite gel with the personality he's given. There is a lot of telling for such a short story, which slows the pacing of the zany actions of the retirement home crew, and stalls out the wonderful dialogue. This is a cast of lovable characters who will not soon be forgotten!


Julie York