Tumbling Hearts

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Anna Fortier has been a gymnast most of her life.  Now she is turning nineteen, and wants more in life - like the man of her dreams, her former coach Taras Volkov. Anna thinks Taras doesn’t even know she exists outside the gym or that she is now a woman. A woman that lusts after him day and night.  But, with a little courage, she could let him know that he is what she wants.

Taras Volkov is one lucky man.  He is very young for the coaching position he has been was offered, and it is much more than he could have dreamed. The hardest part of his job has been not acting on the feelings he has had since day one for Anna Fortier. Just one look at her and the man in him comes alive.  Taras has worked hard to not give her added attention while coaching her. But, with just one kiss to the cheek, his world spins on its axis, and all his control is lost.

 In “Tumbling Hearts” readers are led on a journey between two very strong young people who must figure out how to be with each other despite very difficult circumstances. Still, Kellie Kamryn gives the readers a romance that is soft and sweet through much of the story.  Readers may find the storyline somewhat drawn out in places, making it a little slow. The characters also seem somewhat flat at first but as the book progresses, the author fills them out and they become three dimensional and well rounded.   The action also picks up throughout and the story comes alive, leaving the reader happy and satisfied!

Melody Prat