Trucker Daddy - Working Man Series, Book 3


Confirmed bachelor, Cal Reeves enjoys his nomadic trucker lifestyle. So he's got major decisions to contemplate when his sister dies and names him guardian to his 6-month old niece Magnolia. First, find a babysitter willing to help care for Maggie while he finishes two contracted hauls. Second, return home to Texas and break up with his lazy, mooching girlfriend. In spite of an embarrassing past encounter and in need of cash, Tuesday Taggard accepts his on-the-road babysitting offer. A few adventurous days together drive the two into each other’s hearts and arms. Will Tuesday be able to ignore her past crush, Cal’s new desires and carry out only babysitting duties or will the strong attraction they have for each other lead them down the highway of love? 

"Trucker Daddy" is a contemporary love story of two people putting the pedal to the metal and hauling fast toward a chance for family and love! The trope of a man having to care for a baby with the help of a woman who just happens to be secretly crushing on him maybe tried and true; however it's a formula readers will still find enjoyable in this loaded tale. Cal and Tuesday's rest stop rendezvous takes readers for a horn-tooting passionate ride. A convoy of characters provides a truck load of humor and pallets of bravery. The villains maybe predictable and one dimensional, but they serve their purpose. All in all, Ms. Rose delivers a story including her fan favorite Taylor brothers, a smart and lovable dog named Burrito, and two lovers with an orphan in a packaged tale of highway hi-jinks, trucker thrills and heartfelt romance. 

Tonya Mathenia