A Trucker’s Wife: His Only Love

Eilish Frazier
Jameson ‘Gus’ Rayne

Rusty Lane comes from a trucking family.  Her daddy, brothers, and first two husbands were all truckers.  The men in her family treat the women like second-class citizens, and her ex-husbands didn’t treat her any better.  That’s why she wants nothing to do with truck drivers ever again.  Rusty is done looking for love, but when she meets Dusty Doucet there is an instant attraction between them.  Yet when hard times hit and the only job Dusty can get is driving a truck, will Rusty’s love for Dusty be enough to outweigh her abhorrence of truckers?  
This book has a built-in readership with so many women married to truckers.  However, it reads like a Jerry Springer episode.  Rusty is continually mistreated or screwed over by everyone with no explanation other than they are all just mean people, while she is always portrayed as a decent, hardworking woman.  One might surmise by the tale that every man and woman in the trucking industry is a tramp or willing to cheat on their spouse.  The narration is choppy and reduced to a recitation of one event after another with no description, setting or anything to help the reader become emotionally invested.  Trucking life is a world that many are not familiar with and is a story just waiting to be told.  With more insider details about how trucking works, along with fleshing out responsive details, this could be that story.

Leslie Stokes