Torn Canvas (Safe Harbors #2)

Donna K.

NEW ADULT:  Jori Virtanen decided to go on a cruise to find inspiration for his art and to get away from the modeling crowd. He didnt expect to find real friends while at sea, and when pirates attacked he was willing to step up to save them. Yet in defending his friends he ends up with damage to his face that takes months of reconstructive surgery to repair and finishes his modeling career for good. Hiding from the press, who want to meet the hero, Jori unwittingly becomes involved with the TV host who wants to interview him the most. Olivia Howard has become successful enough as a talk show host that she can avoid the mindless fluff producers prefer and instead, talk about stories that make a difference, such as Joris heroics. As she dodges a stalker and attempts to interview Jori, it is their mutual hobby that brings them together and helps them both heal.


A fantastic work of fiction, Torn Canvasis the second book of the Safe Harborsseries and it explores the aftermath of the pirate attack that took place in the first book. In this work, Jori is no longer the confident skirt-chasing model, but a man haunted by his scars. His journey of self-discovery which helps him grow as a person and an artist. The romance between Jori and Olivia is smooth and sweet, the fact that it mostly happens online and anonymously is a bonus. An absolute must read!


Sarah E. Bradley