Too Enchanting (The Lewis Cousins Book 4)


Serena Lewis is excited to be moving back to Cherry Springs. Being away from her beloved brood of cousins has changed her and not necessarily in a good way.  Looking to return to her roots, Serena is thrilled to be managing a new gallery in town.  Unfortunately, her neighbor, Jed Monroe, overhears her being sharp with one of the moving men.  That’s all he needs to hear to know that this pretty, petite lady is a snob and that he should steer clear of her.  His plan goes sideways when he discovers that she is the cousin of his close friend and employer.  It goes even further awry when both Serena and Jed are asked to help work on a reality home renovation show filming in the area.

“Too Enchanting” is the fourth book in the series, and Bethany Lopez drops the reader into the quaint town of Cherry Springs and into the tight-knit community of the Lewis family.  While this novel stands solidly alone, readers may want to catch up on the backstory of this group  in order to more fully enjoy this installment.  Jed is the neighbor everyone wishes they had—handy, hunky, and an all-around good guy.  He truly is the guy next door in the best sense of the phrase.  Unfortunately, Serena’s backstory is lacking, and she comes across as flat.  Never truly nasty nor particularly sweet, it’s hard to understand why she would be perceived in such extremes.  Her emotional responses are also flat, especially when a childhood bully returns. Readers of the series will enjoy the continuing story of the Lewis family. 

Elissa Blabac