In Too Deep (In Too Deep #1)

Michelle Kemper

NEW ADULT:  This is the story of Gracie, Noah, and Jake.  It spans a few years, but as with many stories of emotional abuse, these things take time.  When Gracie makes a hurtful discovery one night at her boyfriend Noah's frat party, it sets off a chain of events and revelations that she'd never expected.  The man she thought loved her seems to be two different people at times. She keeps forgiving, even when Jake, Noah's own friend, begins to tell her how much more she deserves.  But letting go of someone you love is hard...especially when you have to also admit that you've been allowing them to hold you back and hold you down. Jake is Gracie's friend as well, and he's always seen not only her beauty but also her worth.  Now he just needs to support her in any way he can while she makes some tough decisions.

Gracie is very much the insecure young woman, even when the obvious choices are staring her in the face.  Her decisions and the sheer amount of abuse that she takes are blatant and extremely hurtful.  At times her actions were overdone and melodramatic, making her seem younger than her age would imply.  Jake is a fabulous supporting character and Noah an equally opposite cruel and unfeeling villain, but the lines there are extremely black and white.  Their roles are never subtle, and this story could have used a bit more subtlety. This would be a great read for readers who like  extremely angsty stories or those who like romances dealing with psychological issues and/or love triangles.

Nicole Duke