Tomorrow's Lullaby (Chasing Tomorrow)


Sienna McBride is in her second year at the Academy of Arts, with a last-chance audition at Juilliard looming in her future. She needs  to focus all her attention on the tryout, especially after she turned down entrance two years earlier due to an unplanned pregnancy. It is becoming somewhat difficult with tall, dark, and handsome Aaron Johnson in her life. However, Sienna is having second thoughts about trusting him with a secret from her past —one that could end their relationship. With questions about her choice of priorities, she’s facing some difficult decisions. 

This emotion-rich, Christian romance  is about adoption, faith, courage, and forgiveness. It has sweet kisses and briefly alludes to the subject of out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy. The plot moves at a good pace, however, it drags a bit in places and the ending is a bit rushed, which disrupts the tempo. Nonetheless, with engaging characters and a heartfelt story line, the reader is rewarded with a romance that keeps the pages turning until its conclusion. The author does an excellent job of handling a sensitive subject with skill and finesse, presenting the many perspectives of adoption without judgment or influence. This deeply perceptual tale touches the heart leaving one with a feeling of peace and happiness.

 Janna Shay