A Timeless Romance Anthology: Under the Mistletoe

Cindy Roland Anderson, Annette Lyon, Julie Coulter Bellon,
Sarah M. Eden, Heather B. Moore, Jennifer Griffith

Another stunning collection of novellas! In “Forgotten Kisses” when Caleb becomes Sir Lancelot on the TV show Madison works for, she hopes she can ignore him and her feelings. However, this time Caleb plans to win Madison for good. In “The Last Christmas” Meredith and Eric are getting a divorce. As they attempt one more family Christmas, Eric has one last chance to win back his wife or lose her for good. Then, in “Truth or Dare” a war injury has left Jonah feeling hopeless, but when a blizzard traps him with Cami, it might just provide the healing they both need. Meanwhile in “Holiday Bucket List” single parents Celeste and Mike have been friends for years and then a bucket list discussion turns into a Christmas competition and maybe something more. In “Christmas Every Day” Monica is giving up men and focusing on her dream. When purchasing her employer’s store introduces her to Jaxon, they are both forced to examine what their dreams really are. Finally, in “First (and Last) Christmas Date” Juliet has never forgotten the disastrous first date she had with Tag, then ten years later he sends her an email asking for a second date. Will it be love or another disaster?


A wonderful collection of contemporary Christmas tales, “Under the Mistletoe” explores different couples and their needs as their relationships, begin, are tested, and find sparks. Although none of the stories have the length for real depth or development, they provide a glimpse into the worlds these authors write and the clean sweeping romance will have readers looking for more. With many different couples to read about in this collection, readers are bound to find a favorite, and while there are no big twists or unique plots, these stories are great for a bedtime read.


Sarah E. Bradley