Thirty-Two Going on Spinster


CHICK-LIT:  Working at Spectraltech in accounting isn't exactly Julia's idea of a dream job, especially while still living in her parents basement apartment. She is only 32 years old, but she is beginning to have a creeping suspicion that she might just be a "spinster" in the making. Visions of her future involving a house full of cats and no social life begin to regularly appear in her thoughts. Her best friend at work thinks Julia should take an interest in Jared, the new guy at the office. The thing is, Julia can't get past the fact that Jared was hired for the job that she herself, had applied for. This isn't the only thing that seems to be going on at work. Her boss has been acting odd lately and that new guy, Jared, really seems to be all too interested in all the office gossip ...


What an addictive tale this was! Becky Monson has given readers a light concoction that they won't want to put down. The relatable, though somewhat predictable storyline is well drawn as it follows Julia's realization that one’s feelings about one's self are not always reality. Through Julia's "spinster" thoughts and escapades we get to know a woman who is unsure of herself in some areas and pretty amazing in others. There is also a hint of mystery that surrounds Julia's office and job that adds a bit of spice to the story. Note to reader ...  this is the not deepest book on the shelf and the word "spinster" is overused, but these flaws when overlooked, leave the aftertaste of an enjoyably sweet story that was exceptionally fun to read!


Beth Chamberlin