Then There Was You – Love in Dunes Bay, Book 1


Attorney Cherish Moss meets investigative reporter Grayson Steele in a bar the day before her wedding, and the two of them feel an instant bond even though they are strangers. After jilting her groom at the altar, Cherish begins taking steps to reclaim her life. Knowing he shouldn’t encourage a friendship with her, Grayson cannot deny his attraction to Cherish. So, when danger from his past tracks him down to Dunes Bay, he sees no choice but to return to Chicago and try to end it once and for all. Imagine his surprise when Cherish follows him and gets swept up in the vicious corruption he’s trying to expose. Will their friendship and blossoming love for each other be strong enough to weather the turbulent storm facing them and bring them safely to shore?

Lynn Crandall’s storytelling is so vivid, touching and breathtaking that readers will be captivated from the first chapter to the last! The tale is filled with well-developed characters, contrasting family dynamics and heart pounding action. Ms. Crandall so brilliantly describes the lakeside hometown readers will swear they can feel the salty breeze coming off the water and hear the seagulls squawking. Readers will truly enjoy the courtroom dramas, the unscrupulous bad guys, the humorous familial banter, the tension-filled action as well as the sizzling undercover antics shared by the two lovebirds. It is hard to tell if this is a romantic thriller or a thrilling romance, but readers won’t be able to forget the interesting characters and their heart stopping voyage to an everlasting love delivered by Ms. Crandall with a masterful stroke.

Tonya Mathenia