Theirs by Chance

Karen Ann

Lance and Marjorie have one really big thing in common - they both suffered the trauma of losing a loved one in a violent and sudden way.  They then isolated themselves in their suffering and resolved to live out the rest of their lives alone.  In a purely chance business encounter they are brought together and a sweet romance blossoms between the two.  However, between Lance’s military PTSD and a dangerous killer that is still chasing Marjorie, the obstacles seem insurmountable and their love may not withstand the challenges running at them head on.

The premise of this story was definitely an old idea with a new spin!  Both main characters, Marjorie and Lance, were very likeable, making the reader root for them right from the start.  Since both have PTSD it made for interesting internal conflicts that simultaneously repelled and drew the characters together, while also driving the external conflict along seamlessly. "Theirs by Chance" is a perfect page turner!

There is one scene with Marjorie’s own PTSD where she did not react perhaps as alarmed as one would expect given her history.  She seemed to take it all a bit more calmly than was truly believable.  Other than this one little part, this was a really great read, and left this reader feeling completely satisfied and wanting more!

Mary B Rose