Taming the Texas Beauty


Ryan Rogers was attracted to Stephanie Lockhart two years ago. But as the detective who brought down her criminal brother, getting close to her was out of the question. Now he’s back, ready to continue where they left off, when he finds out Stephanie’s salon is connected to a series of robberies. This complicates things, but neither Stephanie nor Ryan can deny their attraction for much longer. 

In typical romantic suspense style, it’s the suspense that keeps these characters apart more than their own choice. However, where sometimes the suspense seems overdramatized with its only purpose to keep the characters apart, that’s not the case here: the suspense feels very real, and the robberies being somehow connected to Stephanie’s salon offers a real problem for a potential relationship with Ryan, given he’s the cop who is supposed to solve the robbery cases. 

The plot is rather typical, and not all that original, but still very enjoyable. Both Ryan and Stephanie are intriguing characters. Ryan is a typical cop, and very protective, but he also has a soft, sweet side that stands out. Stephanie has a lot of personality and she’s quite brave, not afraid to stand up for herself and the things she believes in. The romance is excellent, and the characters have a lot of chemistry between them. “Taming The Texas Beauty” will keep readers on edge with sizzling romance and suspense. 

Majanka Verstraete