Take Me, I’m Yours (Pacific Northwest Lovers Series Book 1)


Melissa D’Angelo is done with being the only twenty-three year old virgin in Seattle. She makes it her goal to find a lover with no strings attached before she starts medical school. Jake Mallory is a Harvard-graduated lawyer and is a complete playboy, until a pregnancy scare with a fling has him reevaluating his life. Jake decides to become celibate until he finds the ‘one’ and makes a bet with his assistant that he can indeed stick to his plan. Those plans look like they will be flying out the window the moment Jake and Melissa run into each other at a local bar. As they fight to keep their own plans on track, they each find it’s a bit of give and take. 


It’s refreshing that the traditional roles were reversed with this story. The usual ‘bad boy’ wanted love and family, while the innocent young lady wanted nothing but a good time. A dual point of view allows the reader to really get to know the characters and understand where they are coming from with their actions. The bet between Jake and his assistant makes for somewhat of a predictable plot. Also, Melissa’s eagerness towards Jake is a bit out of character for how she was described. These points are the only things that take away from the story. Overall, the story was very entertaining and filled with steamy sexual tension - a great book to pick up on a cold winter's night!


Heather Mcguire