Swept Away (Volume 1)


“Swept Away: Volume One” is the first in a four-novella series by Jennifer Haymore. The main character, Tara, is ready to push her limits on a cruise with four other people after an accident left her walking with a cane. Before she can even make it to the boat slip, she witnesses a robbery and tumbles into the arms of her lifelong crush, Ethan.

Captain Nalini dismisses her with one glance as an unworthy crew mate. Tara’s determined to prove her worth as part of the crew, but soon finds out her menial tasks are the easy part - handling the chaotic passions between her crew mates makes for tempestuous sailing. Added to the turbulent mix are her reawakened feelings for Ethan. The real question is if Ethan can deal with her disability.

“Swept Away” is a short, erotic novella that serves as prologue for the entire series. It is one story that is broken into four novellas - which means it is a bit like watching a favorite television show, only to face bold script announcing a continuation the following week. Author Jennifer Haymore deserves kudos for using a protagonist with a physical challenge. It allows Ethan, Tara’s crush, to demonstrate his sensitivity. There are some continuity issues with flashbacks. Overall, the novel is very predictable with the snarly jealous female and love triangle. The tale doesn’t really resolve anything, but introduces characters and situations that will last through three more books. Fans of serial erotic novels should gobble this tidbit up!

Morgan Stamm