Sweet on You: The Wilde Sisters Book 1


After baking the "cake of all cakes" Trent Kipson finds himself thrust into the spotlight. A call from The Cooking Network asking him to host a new show could bring the break he needs. Rayne wants the fairy tale: a house with kids and a dog. Trent attends her Zumba class and she puts off his advances but she’s worried that if she waits she’ll lose her chance for happiness. As they spend more time together, their secrets begin to creep to the surface and put their newfound relationship to the test. When deeper and more dangerous secrets begin to pop up, will they each run off in the opposite direction?

Marianne Rice has put together a tasty romance that will have mouths watering! Trent is an interesting character; there is much more to him than is apparent at first glance, which makes for some entertaining moments between him and Rayne. As the story develops, it becomes an intense game of "will they, won’t they", which makes the book difficult to put down. Well written and with some beautiful description, “Sweet on You” is a book that readers will enjoy and may go back to several times. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick