Sweet Summer Time Love (Seasons of Love Book 3)

Lori Leger, Karen Sue Burns
Kim Hornsby, Carmine Valentine

“Sweet Summer Time Love” is comprised of four sweet/sensual romance novellas.  

“Summer Lovin’” by Karen Sue Burns features a couple who finally get a chance at love when their friends get remarried.  Ella distrusts Jim due to his “player” history, but his handy police detective skills can help with a mystery in her condominium, and his kisses are growing on her.  


In “Do-Over Summer” by Kim Hornsby, a divorced, bookstore-owning mother meets a sexy author and they hit it off.  Are his feelings real or due to her resemblance to his deceased wife? 


“Still Loving Cat” by Lori Leger has two lifelong friends who finally acknowledge their mutual feelings. When Cat loses her memory of their non-platonic love in a car accident,  Zach won’t give up on her. 


In Carmine Valentine’s “The Last Blind Date”, two polar opposites have a blind date.  Is a love connection possible, despite their differences and bizarre happenings?


Except for “Summer Lovin,’” which suffers from insufficient character development and a lackluster romantic climax; these stories are satisfying, despite their short format. “Do-Over Summer” is for bibliophiles; capturing excitement when an ordinary, book-loving girl meets a writer and realizes he’s a guy she wants to get to know personally.  With likable characters, it’s a sweet, enjoyable romance.  “Still Loving Cat” captivates die-hard romantics and fans of the friends-to-lovers theme. Readers will adore the sigh-worthy Zach, and his steadfast love for Cat.  “The Last Blind Date” is energetic and highly readable.  Mimi is a spunky, endearing heroine readers will root for. This is an enjoyable anthology to wind up the summer.  Short, breezy love stories, each with a unique appeal, make for fun reading!


Danielle Hill