Sweet Indulgence (The Silicon Beach Trilogy #2)


After discovering her boyfriend's infidelity, Becca Markham breaks off her six-year relationship. In order to make a fresh start she quits her job as a software engineer to pursue her love of baking. This begins a new adventure for Becca and marks a turning point in her life. Her friend Leo Kogan has been secretly in love with Becca for some time now and with the possibility of those feelings being mutual he is willing to take a chance on love. However Becca is unsure and with many obstacles that challenge them daily she begins to doubt they will find love and happiness together, and wonders if it will be just one more failure to add to her current list.


Becca's initial heartbreak is conveyed with realistic emotion, drawing in the reader to her side. Her merits are revealed and she is a very likeable character. Leo, the eternal good guy that every girl should have in her life, is the kind of cliché that plays out here quite nicely. Although they do knock heads quite often, the sparks that ignite between them are just satisfactory, along with their overall appeal. They spend just as much time in love as out but their romance never really wins the reader over completely. Some interesting Russian/Soviet Union politics come into the story that may strike a chord for some, but for others, may just push away one’s overall commitment. The story is steady with continuous small peaks and is overall an enjoyable read.


Margaret Faria