Sunset Reads #2 : Damian & Layla


Layla eyes Damian across the room at a party and her friend Christina encourages her to speak to him. They hit it off immediately and have great chemistry. They see each other in secret for a short time - Layla is falling in love but not sure how to deal with it - and then he's gone. Damian and his abrupt departure without a word was devastating and took Layla some time to get over. One year later when Damien shows up in New York around the holidays, she is committed to keeping her distance and allowing no second chances. Damian realizes what he's missed and is not letting Layla go this time. Has too much time passed for another chance? 

Damian Trent and Layla Reece are both very strong main characters. The supporting cast plays an important role as well. Damian’s career as an FBI agent that collides with Layla’s current career opportunity is a believable scenario that the author creates to keep their steamy romance pivotal to the plot. This is book two of a series; it does stand alone for the most part, however some back history on characters that may occur in book one may be beneficial. Initially this book takes a bit to get going, but readers will very much enjoy the tempo to the end. The cyber technology discussed is believable and very relative to current times. Readers who enjoy this type of suspense and steam can hope that a book three is in the works!

Viola Robins