The Subway Girl


Ryan see’s a girl on the New York subway, and he cannot get her out of his head. There is a spark of some kind, a connection, and he has got to track her down. But how? He heard a British accent; she was listening to her earbuds and wore a pink beanie hat, but it was her green eyes that drew him in like no other. When he gets Celebrity Monger—a tabloid web page—on board to assist in his search, he has high hopes of finding his mystery girl. Angie Prince is a journalist trying to get out of the tabloid business and do some real writing. But for now she’s paying her dues until she can make it big. This Subway Girl story may just be her ticket out of her crappy job.

“The Subway Girl” is a perfect escape from the real world and allows for a dive into a quirky reality story that takes readers along for a wild ride. The main characters are fun and super quick witted. The movie references throughout add another layer to a budding relationship. The supporting characters will have readers laughing out loud. The sleazy tabloid company does feel over the top and the main story a bit predictable. Ryan is ‘the too good to be true’ boyfriend, however, an endearing happily ever after rounds out this present time life scenario. A fun, quick read with many levels of various relationships makes this one a page turner. Ms. Becker has created a great cast in this book for a delightful summer or vacation read!

Viola Robins