The Story Between Us


Reed Armstrong is struggling to keep his head above water as he adjusts to being the legal guardian of his six-year-old nephew Dylan, while trying to manage his high demand career. What does he know about parenting a grieving child who is still recovering from the injuries sustained during the accident that took his family? Enter Kristen Hanover, author of Dylan’s favorite books, and a true sweetheart. Kristen is riding high on the success of her newest book release when she meets Reed and Dylan at a signing, then runs into them again at Dylan’s school, and then again at her family farm. Feelings develop on all fronts, but in the back of Kristen’s mind is the warning from her agent to never get involved with fans…

Set for the majority of the time in Texas, Darlene Deluca’s newest story, “The Story Between Us” is an utterly charming tale of life, loss, and finding love in unexpected places. Dylan is a sweet kid, and the heartbreak he’s suffered in his young life will pull at the reader’s heartstrings. Readers will also feel compassion for Reed, who feels lost and inadequate in taking over the job of raising Dylan while juggling his career, and for Kristen, who is dealing with her own loss and struggles. The slow burning romance is sweet and relatable in many ways. The biggest drawback is the lack of communication and jumping to conclusions between Reed and Kristen. It is somewhat frustrating and annoying that they don’t just talk things out. Overall though, a truly heartwarming and delightful read from start to finish! 

Katy Nielsen