Starting Over in Maple Bay: A Sweet Small Town Cowboy Romance


WESTERN: When Hazel receives a letter about her biological mother’s Will, she reluctantly takes a drive to small town, Maple Bay, to find out why a woman who gave her up as a baby would include her in an inheritance so many years later.  There, her and her daughter, Grace, find that Hazel must stay on the property for the summer in order for her and her newly found sister to receive their land.  Recently divorced and strapped for money, Hazel reluctantly decides to stay with the intent to sell her piece of property at the end of the summer. While trying to make the best of a tedious situation, Hazel attempts to guard her heart from not only her newly discovered family members but also the handsome cowboy, Jesse, who lives nearby.

Brittney Joy presents a refreshing and intriguing story that draws one right into the heart of small town life. Getting to know Hazel as she works to overcome pain and hurt from her past, both from her ex and her biological mother, only makes her even more endearing as she learns to let go and trust again for her and Grace’s future. Besides a few typographical errors scattered throughout the story, it is carefully thought out and well written. The self-assurance and love that emanates from every member of the community will make one long to pack up and find their very own small town. This is truly a beautiful story worth picking up.

Marie Sanderson