Starfish: A Rockstar Romance


She accepted a four-month internship at a prestigious public relations firm in the hopes of landing a tech account, but Marin Collins’ plans are derailed when she finds herself assigned to go on the road with the Kings Quarters band. Reluctant rock star Brad Osterhauser would rather be coding computer games than writing Grammy-nominated songs. Marin and Brad forge a friendship and a forbidden romance while on tour, but will their shared love of Seinfield episodes, stolen moments and Red Vines be enough when Marin is accused of betraying her company and the band?

This forbidden love story warms the heart and provides lots of fun and quite a bit of drama as Marin joins the band on their tour bus. The amusing hijinks of the band members causes some spontaneous laughter but in a way seems to be a bit overdone and readers can certainly see why Marin gets a bit annoyed. The characters are strong and easily compel readers to join their group on tour while they party and fall in love which gives the story an overall ‘feel good’ feeling and entertains readers throughout the steady paced story. The romance is sweet and passionate, providing all the emotions and happenings of a forbidden romance as Brad and Marin’s relationship starts off as friendship and grows into something more and the chemistry between the hero and heroine sizzles with lots of heat from every page. The bonus story is a cheerful and informative addition that gives readers a ‘happily ever after’ glimpse of the future. 

E.L. Hurley