Staking a Claim


Samantha Held wants nothing more than to become partner in Kolinsky's Advertising Agency. When she's asked to go to Alaska to advertise its vacation potential, she goes for it. When she needs help, she finds the gorgeous yet mean-tempered Blake Langford. Blake loves Alaska and he's not going to let Samantha use the state he loves. Despite how beautiful she is, Blake tries as best he can to keep her at arm's length. He's not about to get close to someone who would exploit his beloved home.

Devon McKay has managed to capture the atmosphere of Alaska and bring a lovely romance with two very well-written characters. The descriptions of the Alaska scenery are fantastic and take the reader right into the environment. The story progresses at an even pace and is very "will they, or won't they". The characters become more involved leading to some very steamy scenes which will warm up even the coldest of winter nights. This is a book that builds up the tension to a point where the reader will be dying for the two main characters to get together. It brings together a beautiful love story with the gorgeous setting of Alaska.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick