Spring Promise (Seasons of Love, Bk. 2)

Karen Sue Burns, Alicia Dean
Lori Leger, Trish F. Leger

“Second time at Love”

Jenny and Ella are in Las Vegas to have a good time... until Jenny’s ex-husband Mike shows up. Will she be able to admit she’s made a mistake by divorcing him or are second chances only in fairy tales?

“Staying Inn”

Miranda Ashbee loves running her Bed and Breakfast, but she misses her deceased husband.  Her brother-in-law is suspicious of her, however, and secretly has her investigated. What will Miranda do when she discovers the guest she is so attracted to isn’t all he seem?

“Loving Cat”

Zach Ferguson has been in love with Cathryn (Cat) McDaniel since sixth grade and has kept in touch with her. But, since Cat’s broken engagement to another man, she has thrown herself into her work. Does a life-long friend stand a chance for anything more? 

“His for One Night”

Erin Lancaster needs money to help pay for her tuition so decides to work at an escort service. Her first night she is surprised to find herself so attracted to the man who takes her to the opera and dinner. Jason was tired of the wannabe society women but was enthralled by his beautiful escort.  Jason tries to get in touch with her afterward but Erin knows it’s against the rules.

These very talented authors have written four stories that will entertain and delight any reader looking for love!  Each one is unique and just long enough  take one away without spending the day! Each of the authors include blurbs from one of their other books which tends to get distracting and interrupts the overall flow of the stories.  Still, for a delicious treat  before bedtime or when a small indulgence is needed, these are the perfect recipe!

 Rose Mary Espinoza