Spontaneous Love: A Crystal Creek Romance (Shelter Sisters Book 2)


Sheila doesn't trust men. They tend to start out nice and end up being nothing but trouble. She is starting over with her two young children, with the help of her shelter sisters. For three years she’s been doing fine. And then Ethan Wolf barges into her life, being as nice as a guy could possibly be. Ethan has nearly fulfilled his commitment as an Army paratrooper and he’s ready to start a security company with two of his Army buddies. Then he discovers the mysterious single mom who is living in the shelter sister’s building and makes metal art and clearly wants nothing to do with him. When her past comes knocking on the ladies’ ultra-secure building, he is ready to defend them at any cost. 

This story is fresh and addicting. It’s book two of a three book series, and it would behoove readers to start with book one, to fully understand the characters and their dynamics. The characterization is good, and the dialogue is well done. While the story earned high marks for creativity, the descriptions of settings could have been elaborated on more to help put readers in the story. Sheila and Ethan’s conflicts could have been tighter, or more defined. Some of the reactions lacked believability. Beyond that, the story was refreshing in how nice the point of view and character’s voices were handled.  For a clean, sweet, kid-filled romance with just enough suspense, look no further than Spontaneous Love and the Shelter Sisters. 

Emerson Matthews