Speeding Into Love (Book Three of The Triplets Trilogy)

Susan Jean

Meet Eva Polstick, a girl who loves nothing more than to speed down the freeway in her Mustang convertible, and strait-laced by-the-book Maryland state trooper, Sebastian Sherman. The two meet when Sebastian pulls Eva over for breaking the speed limit, and while running her license, he learns there’s an outstanding bench warrant for her arrest. He has no choice but to arrest her, and Eva’s then assigned by the court to complete five days of community service in Sebastian’s district. Sparks fly between them from the beginning, but can the cop and the convict set aside their differences to work things out?

The attraction between Sebastian and Eva is portrayed well, and one can feel the ‘don’t-want-to-want-you-but-I-do’ coming from both of them. The story flows well, although the ending does feel a little rushed. The secondary storyline of Sebastian being separated from his sisters as a teen seems like an afterthought, as there isn’t much detail or development to it. The story would also benefit from a thorough proofread. Typos throughout cause confusion, and in a few places one has to figure out what was meant, rather than what is written. Unfortunately, this does detract from the story. Overall, though rather predictable from the beginning, this lighthearted romance is still enjoyable and a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a cold afternoon. 

Katy Nielsen