Someone Exactly Like Me

Today is Destiny’s thirtieth birthday and plans to go out with her best friend, Candi. Candi is stuck working late at her photo studio, waiting for her annoying model to show up. When Destiny arrives at Candi’s studio, she asks her to put on an outfit for the evening and then requests her to fill in for a quick lighting test until her model arrives. This shoot happens to be with Destiny’s dream man -Nicco Mendicini, the most handsome actor that Destiny could only dream about before now, and with him so close, she is way out of her comfort zone. When they strike a deal so he can help her out of her writing slump, their friendship turns up the heat. He’s attracted, but will Nicco ruin his only chance at love?
“Someone exactly Like Me” includes a handsome Italian actor and a lovely yet simple American writer. The melding of the two cultures is well represented. The main characters are alluring and readers will have a natural draw to them. There is struggle and strife and everything fun in between. Some of the development of Nicco’s character gets a bit lost as he’s an actor, writes music and models. Destiny, as his guide in Los Angeles, is a nice add, and her time in Italy is drawn as a magical vacation. Attention to his smoking is a bit over mentioned, however, the result is endearing in its own time. A quick read, yet miscommunications and travels through Italy make this an amusing and romantic tale!
Viola Robbins