Snowbound - A Chicklit Christmas novella


CHICK-LIT:  Zara is in for a surprise when she flies to New York and the flight is detoured to Denver. Leaving her family in Australia to spend the holiday with her long-distance boyfriend is a big step, but she quickly learns to make the best of her situation after meeting Kyle. A former basketball star, her airline seatmate offers a helping hand when there are no flights out before Christmas. She didn't expect to fall for Kyle - and neither did she bank on his ex-girlfriend, a former actress/pop star, shining a spotlight on their situation. This soon becomes a Christmas she'll never forget.

Zara is perhaps one of the kindest characters that exists in fiction, with purity and honesty that is a huge appeal. Britney is the epitome of what one expects from a famous star and although she is a tad clichéd she gains her own amount of appeal as the story progresses. Regardless of the classic relationship triangle that is at the heart, a nice, mellow relationship develops and the romance picks up. Kyle seems to bear all the heartbreak and drama, yet Zara does not when her relationship ends. The constant babysitting of Britney is at times distracting but, overall it is a fun, quick read. Regardless of the season one reads this story it is bound to spark a warm tingly feeling.

Margaret Faria