For A Smile


"For A Smile" is a collection of ten short stories by Lydia Jones. It is the perfect gift for the reader that hasn't the time for one's favorite two hundred page romance nor the patience for the titillating scenes of a four hundred page erotic epic. Ms. Jones' collection is perfect for a lunch hour read or for one who wishes to spend a few relaxing moments sitting in the sunlight, enjoying a short, scrumptious escape with a Kindle or other e-reader. The print is too small and the stories too fun to rush through while gulping down one's coffee or soda between bites of the local sandwich shop. The problematic size of the font may be the publisher's oversight rather than Ms. Jones'.

These short stories are a heartwarming mix and are sure to bring a smile to the young and old alike.  In the case of a few of the stories, however, the reader will find himself or herself yanked out of story with abrupt character shifts and/or scene changes. Problems that could easily have been fixed with the proper editing.  Still, one must acknowledge a wry smile, as these stories hit so close to home with unique jobs, unconventional tastes, nosy matchmaking, erroneous judgments, foibles and faults, all of which make life more interesting and this experience delightfully enjoyable!

Erin Murdock