A Siren Song in Jenns Cove (A Jenns Cove Romance Book 3)


Rhea Gallagher’s dream is getting ready to come true. Her band is on the verge of a record deal, which is great — until she finds out that she is not included. Not sure what to do next, Rhea heads home to Jenns Cove. Meanwhile, Cam Colton also returns to Jenns Cove to help his father after his stroke. He works for ESSI as a scuba instructor for the scientists that work there. He loves being back home. That is, until Rhea shows up. Rhea and Cam have been friends since childhood and dated in high school. In fact, they were inseparable. After a misunderstanding ends their relationship, they go years without speaking and the scars never heal. It seems impossible, but they need either to forgive or avoid each other at all costs. 

With depictions of young love, heartbreak, and the power of forgiveness, “A Siren Song” will capture the heart of readers everywhere! It is so wonderful to pick up with familiar characters and meet new ones. Rhea’s devotion to music is inspirational and shows how music can also help one heal or work through pain. Cam is passionate, but he lets his anger get the best of him. However, he learns from his past mistakes that contribute to his character development. A few moments are a little repetitive. Despite that, the pace flows perfectly and it is difficult to put down. The themes of family, love and forgiveness are just beautiful. This book is the third book in the series, but it doesn't matter if readers start with book one or with this one -- they will not want to pass over this series!

Amanda Hupe