Silly Girl


Sylvia Kinder can't believe it - her dream man is actually talking with her!  True, he does seem preoccupied with the thought of seducing her, but still - it's Mathias Jessup, NBA superstar, her favorite player - flirting with her!  And he's offering her a safe place to stay until the snowstorm passes. Could this really be happening?


Mathias has some problems believing in what's happening as well - he has never felt this way before. There were lots of women in his life, but Silly (Sylvia to the rest of the world) is special and he would do everything in his power to make her his.

A thrilling story of a basketball star and the woman who captures his heart! Mathias makes for a fascinating hero - just as some of the characters actually described him, at times he truly behaves like a child, as though he was never really given the opportunity to grow up. Weirdly, that only makes him more attractive.  But the way he loves Sylvia is sigh-worthy!  As for Sylvia, she always does her best to make him happy, sacrificing her own happiness in order to do so (she sometimes comes across as a bit too much of a martyr). They make for a strange but amazing couple. Unfortunately, the supporting characters weren’t nearly as likable and seemed to be intentionally portrayed that way. Also, the final resolution of their relationship leaves one a bit disappointed. It is not nearly as satisfying as anticipated. Nonetheless, the author did a wonderful job, she aims, she shoots, she scores!

Ana Smith