Side Squeeze

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Mariella Mosconi is suffering with a bad reputation after discovering her ex-boyfriend, Bran, was cheating on her. Now, she is seen as the “other woman”, and news travels fast in such a small town. As she works on recovering her tainted reputation by interviewing at the local hotel, she bumps into her first love and heartbreak, Harrison Montgomery. They take advantage of his time in Jasper Falls, but soon he will have to return home to New York. As another heartbreak comes into sight, Mariella begins putting up walls and creating distance between the two. Will Harrison be able to come to terms with his feelings or will he return to New York without a goodbye?

The character development is golden in “Side Squeeze”! Readers are given an incredible amount of background information from the start to help understand just who Mariella is, what she wants, and who Harrison is to her. In addition, Harrison has a lot of family baggage that helps readers understand why he behaves the way he does. There is so much raw emotion that will provoke tears and anger as Harrison continues to be a repeat heart-breaker. However, his relationship with his sister is what supported his entire character development. Readers see him come to terms with his past and work on being better for his family - and for Mariella. While at the same time, readers watch as Mariella learns to value herself and create boundaries. They were given two emotional stories that come together perfectly; however, the best part is that the story stays relatable. Readers who have ever been in love or experienced heartbreak can instantly connect to these characters and their delightful story.

Sadie Wilson