She Walks in Moonlight


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Can Danica put the demons from her past aside and step up to the challenge of being a responsible adult and helping with Peter’s two kids?

Once Danica arrives back in the USA to take care of her ailing brother and assist with the duties of raising his two young children, it’s day to day if she can stand up to the challenge. The small town she left has painful memories. Her high school classmates labeled her loosey-goosey — not entirely true, but those wounds have never healed.  She is Aunt Dani to two small children who look up to her and has a hell of a job to do for her brother Peter, so she licks her wounds and perseveres.  Ms. Silverwood has done a phenomenal job with character development. "She Walks in Moonlight" will suck the reader in from the very beginning, and follow Danica on her path to redemption. Small town America is not the most forgiving, but when push comes to shove, only the strong survive. 

Lovers of second chances at love will find this story heart-warming. A small niggling detail is the slow pacing at the beginning of the book, which picks up once Danica comes back to the USA to take care of her ailing brother, Peter. The banter between Danica and ‘Adam King’ (as Danica affectionately refers to him) is endearing and Ms. Silverwood has done a great job at connecting the dots, giving readers a good look at what happens when you go with your heart instead of your head. 

Layne Lancaster