She Sins at Midnight


CHICK-LIT:  Lila Montgomery is fed up with her job as an assistant in an LA talent agency. An invitation back to Bentley, Illinois for her high school reunion should give her a break from boss Josh Furber and starlet Melinda Forrester. Lila knows enough to sink Josh, ensuring her job security but she has a secret of her own. Meanwhile, Oscar Solomon convinces serious girlfriend Melinda to sue the talent agency in an attempt to repair her reputation. Lila is named in the lawsuit. The starlet is asked to meet with her lawyer, Creighton Ashwood, who happens to be in Bentley to settle his mother’s estate. 


The author’s voice and the book’s quick pace made this a pleasure to read. Though this first edition has editing issues, every character is believable – with the possible exception of Ms. Forrester, who some may think of as over-the-top. Also, the fact that everything ties up almost too neatly may bother some readers. However, natural dialogue and the author’s ability to weave characters seamlessly into the plot as it progresses add to the story’s immersive quality.


Lila’s secret is central to the plot and the reader doesn’t have to wait long to be clued in.  Readers will find themselves laughing out loud, and maybe even wanting to show up a couple weeks early for their own 15th reunion!


Heather R. Nielsen