Share the Moon


Sophie‘s dream is to buy back a piece of property that used to belong to her family. Unfortunately for her, a land developer has put in a much larger bid for the same property. She meets the developer while she is working at her family’s business, but he gives her an assumed name. This puts him in an awkward position at the town meeting when his real name is revealed. Whatever chemistry they had before that goes up in a puff of smoke when Sophie realizes his deception.


"Share the Moon" is a wonderful small-town romance, which has the distinction of not only being a "fun" read, but a moving one as well.  There are several layers of deception within the story. Sophie and Duncan are well-developed characters with great back stories - stories of loss, guilt and regret. The secondary characters are also richly drawn.  The scenery is beautiful and the reader gets to experience the changing of the seasons during the course of the novel. One can sense the smells and the crisp air of winter through exquisite writing. This story tells about Sophie’s healing and letting go - and about Duncan learning to do the same.  It also shares some of those dark secrets that are especially novel to small towns and the people who work so hard to keep these skeletons closeted.


Highly recommended!


Belinda Wilson