September Ends

Hunter S.

Liz October Snow is a savvy young businesswoman whose love of literature offers her the best and worst moments of her life. Pete Hendrix is a lawyer attached to a business Liz would like to add to her client list. Instead of discussing software, she’s online chatting all things poetry with Pete’s gentle but sexy persona. Jack O. Savage, known as The Poet, is a beatnik throwback figure of poetic retreat.  Pete admires him and shares him with Liz.  Unexpectedly, Liz’s future alters course after her flight from scandal, and a man who loves her deeply. 

“September Ends” begins, arcs and concludes in tragedy. It is "poetic prose meets Skype" in a beautiful, yet odd and unsettling tale. It leaves emptiness in a romance reader’s soul. Eclectic is a good way of describing the penmanship in this tale. From text messages, to chat room format, line poetry and some dialogue, it’s a chaotic mixture for the eye to get comfortable with. There’s a little mysticism, a little erotica, a sweet love, and a terrible misunderstanding. The story goes astray when a chance for apology and redemption is never given a chance. Liz finds a new start in England, and a new love affair, but readers may not be satisfied or even happy with the turn of events. The conclusion culminates in an undigested clump in the belly. 

Poets at heart will love the verses. Contemporary readers will enjoy the chat room dialogue and rising tension between soon-to-be lovers. The love affair between Liz and Pete is glorious. Definitely a different dimension of storytelling!

Natasza Waters