Sensual Games (Novak Springs Book 3)


Emma Novak already let her broken heart come between her and the job of her dreams once. Determined not to let a second chance pass her by, she accepts the position of physical therapist for the Seattle Seahawks. Although following her heart feels like the right thing to do, it leads her right back into the life of her ex-fiancé that betrayed her.


Second string quarterback Colt Lewis has taken some major hits in the last year. As if being accused of cheating on his fiancée Emma wasn’t bad enough, he has to come to terms with the fact that she's moving on. Colt knows Emma loved him once. And if she loved him once, she can love him again. But can he stop playing games long enough to win Emma’s heart?


“Sensual Games” is a fabulous contemporary romance! Ms. Brower has crafted some distinct and compelling characters. The chemistry between Emma and Colt was palpable from the minute they laid eyes on one another again! Their sassy banter and oft-times maddening stubbornness ring true. At times a bit predictable, readers are still treated to a roller coaster ride with lively dialogue, steamy love scenes and enough twists to keep it interesting. When the truth comes to light about who's behind Colt and Emma's breakup readers are left with more questions and few answers, which is frustrating. Although this is the third book in a series, it’s a self-contained story. One doesn’t have to be a football fan to enjoy this tale.


Chantel Hardge