See You Soon Broadway


CHICK-LIT:  Maris Forrester has dreamed of being on Broadway since she was a little girl. Although everything in her life is going great, she wonders if perhaps stardom is just waiting for her to have the courage to take the first step towards it. Coincidentally, her parents decide to sell her childhood home, and while packing she discovers an old diary of her grandmother's that reveals her dream to sing in New York on a radio show. This is just the sign that Maris needs, until her perfect boyfriend Kyle gets promoted at work and she's afraid to choose between New York and Kyle. To make matters worse, she meets Trevor - a needless distraction that begins to unravel her great life a thread at a time. 


"See You Soon Broadway" is a fun and light read that establishes Maris as an adorable and delightful heroine embarking on an enjoyable journey, with perhaps a series in the making. The chemistry between both Maris and Kyle and Maris and Trevor lacks a little something, however. Kyle is the perfect boyfriend but does not have that dreamy quality that captures a romance enthusiast's heart entirely; yet he is the ideal man and gains some admiration by being so. Trevor, on the other hand, begins as an intriguing character but falls short of ever being more than a distraction leaving both Maris and the reader to be better off without him. The story grows and the excitement builds with many more characters that add so much to the overall story. An ideal read for lovers of chick-lit and contemporary that is pleasant and entertaining.


Margaret Faria