See Her (Turn it up #1)


Mayzie, a twenty-four year old living in Michigan, has her own place, one dog and works as a copywriter and dog walker. Her confidence and independence are almost a detriment. She’s a bit of a loner, so her only bestie, Annie, challenges her to do something different to shake things up. When a handsome guy, Jack, enters the coffee shop where Mayzie is working, she can’t take her eyes off him. She approaches and asks if he’s done with the sugar on his table. Smooth! She’s unsure it will lead anywhere, but ha, challenge accepted! Jack is a bartenderat a local bar, and is also in a band. He’s totally uninspired lately and unable to write any decent music. Upon meeting Mayzie there’s a shift, one walk together gets Jack back in the game!

Ms. Parker has a true number one hit on her hands with “See Her”! This is not one’s typical Rock and Roll story… it’s so much better! The genuine personalities of Jack and Mayzie are believable and endearing. The fact that they formed a true friendship as a foundation is refreshing, making way for the validation of true love. The band-mates and family members round out this book with added banter and drama. There are laugh-out-loud moments and pages that bring tears, and the point of view shifts are an added bonus. The plot is well detailed and readers will enjoy the music playlist included. It’s hard to believe this is Ms. Parker’s freshman book! Diving into the next in the series is an absolute must! Jack and Mayzie’s love story will stay with readers long after the ending!

Viola Robins