Securing Kiera’s Love (Second Chances #2)


When Kiera Donnelly opens the door to let in the security man, a love from her past is the last person she expects to see. David Haggerty is still hurt, his heart shattered from her sudden disappearance thirty years ago. What he didn't know was that Kiera was forced to marry an evil man to save her father and David from certain death. Now free from her tortured past, Kiera wants to restart their relationship right where they left off. However, Kiera’s actions of today remind David of her disappearance in the past, and leave him suspicious of her affections. Should he believe her love is true and give them a chance?

“Securing Kiera’s Love” is not just another reunion story, although it begins that way. It delves deeply into the psyches of both David and Kiera as they explore the possibility of joining once more. Ms. Fiala does an excellent job writing David’s character and reflecting his insecurities every time Kiera does something unexpected. One can feel his angst and heartbreak. Kiera’s paranoia is also believable even though no one ever sees her stalker. There are a few moments that are stiff in this novel and don’t flow as well as the rest of the piece. The reader is taken on an emotional roller coaster ride as they lose themselves in the pages of this ultimate love story.

Belinda Wilson