Say Yes (Everyday Angels Book 1)

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Lita Lawson hasn't been very successful in past relationships, and the one thing she wants most in life is a family of her own. Her current boyfriend Rich, wants to get married, but she isn't sure he is the one for her. His real personality comes through late one night while they are out on the town.  After a few drinks, he attacks and almost rapes her. Lorenzo, her brother's best friend, and Lita's dream guy comes to the rescue.
Lorenzo Calabra is the typical playboy. He is sexy, rich. handsome and runs his father's strip clubs, a job he hates. His relationship with his father is ugly, and his playboy ways cause a lot of dissension in his large Italian family. Secretly pining for Lita the last two years, he knows his past, and his dark side will not be a good match for Lita. Leaving the country on business, and deciding to stay away from Lita doesn't work, and he comes home to claim the woman he loves.
Say Yes has a lot going on, so much so that one can get lost in the timeline. The large Italian family has so many characters that it's hard to keep up!  This story is also very emotional. It draws the reader in, but one soon gets weighed down and isn't given the chance to release any of the heaviness that builds up. Lita's character is young and naive, bordering on the childish, making it hard to relate to her.  Still,  it's a well written story. With a little bit of lifting in the heavy drama, giving the reader a chance to breath, this would definitely be a winner and rate five stars.
Tonya Smalley