Saving Justice (Dog Haven Sanctuary Romance)


On sabbatical from the police, Adam Guildford’s research contract with an animal welfare group sends him to the Dog Haven Sanctuary in Halo Peak, Washington.  Researching dog fighting may also spur Adam into moving on with his life, after years of mourning his wife’s death.  His inspiration is delivered in the form of Marlo Croft, a gifted canine behaviorist.  She’s selfless and devoted to a traumatized dog’s rehabilitation.  Her own behavior reveals she’s suffered harm, which arouses Adam’s once numbed feelings to protect her.  Perhaps he can help Marlo before he returns to New Zealand, but will leaving her be as simple as he thinks?


Ms. Gibb delivers a powerful punch with a winning combination of sympathetic characters, a thoughtful demonstration of knowledge, and a remarkably tender romance.  The beginning is somewhat slow, but the emotional aspects rapidly draw the reader to its inmost depths.  Whether an animal lover or not, the plotline involving rehabilitating abused dogs parallels to traumatized people, as Ms. Gibb persuasively demonstrates in her book.  Through the events and characters’ actions in the story, the reader is shown Marlo’s distress, along with Adam’s perceptiveness.  Their emotional journey moves at sound pace, with realistic details and convincing give-and-take.  Elements of danger add another source of tension to the plot.  Additionally, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder plays a significant role.  PTSD is sensitively handled and smoothly incorporated into the premise of “Saving Grace,” which is a book that sets the bar high for future Dog Haven Sanctuary books.  “Saving Justice” is an absolute gem!  


Anna Fitzgerald