Satin Pleasures


Traffic is backed up and as he sits on the bridge trying to get into San Francisco, the only option for Daniel McDonald is to wait it out and enjoy the view of the bay and the gorgeous brunette in the vehicle next to him. Dan has been on the road for days, traveling from Florida to meet his mother and aunt to help launch the new west coast division of their lingerie store. Little did he know that brunette is on the management staff of the mall where the store is located! Tess Emory is on the fast track to get her career moving up the corporate ladder - missing an important meeting is not working in her favor. She must stay focused to get the promotion to earn a higher wage to help pay for her father's surgery. 


“Satin Pleasures” gives insight into the corporate world,  and those whose work and career plan is the only goal in sight.  Daniel, the hero, has "been there, done that".  He found out firsthand that life is too short, and hopes to teach others the same. The plot and arc of the story are well written and stay on target throughout. The characters are delightful and keep the tale grounded and real. Love conquers all in this steamy romance and leads couples to living in the now and appreciating what they have.
"Satin Pleasures" is a very linear novel with no real subplots to distract, which makes for a quick, enjoyable, light read.  


Julie Caicco