Sam (Men of Clifton Montana, Book 7)


WESTERN:  Tessa McGuire is trying to outrun her past. When her running takes her to the small Montana town of Clifton, it puts her directly in the path of hunky Sheriff Sam Garrett.  Immediate and frighteningly powerful chemistry sparks between the two, but Tessa feigns dislike for the cocksure lawman. She fears the secrets she hides will inevitably ruin any relationship between them. Tessa’s dislike baffles and disturbs Sam.  He can’t stop thinking about her. An attraction that strong won’t be denied, however, and lust finally throws them together. Sam senses Tessa’s not telling him everything, even when lust deepens to love.  Tessa knows she must tell him about her past, but stalls - the truth could ruin everything.

“Sam” gets off to a quick start, and the two main characters are typically gorgeous, likable people.  Ms Fisher-Davis does a fine job of giving one a slice of small-town life in the rugged environs of Montana.  The characters struggle against local gossip and parochial narrow-mindedness on the one hand, but also revel in the friendships fostered by small, tight-knit communities.  Though Tessa’s secret will not surprise many readers, the author manages to build sufficient suspense to keep the reader engaged, and this old chestnut has some excellent twists.  Toward the middle of the story, the plot drags a bit, and the sex scenes get a little repetitive.  Sam’s frequent state of inconvenient arousal also seems overblown for a grown man, and stretches believability. Overall, though, "Sam" is a good read for rainy day or a lazy summer vacation.

Marc Joseph